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Wol-Coat 300 Single-component cement repair mortar consisting of special polymers having corrosion inhibitor with fiber reinforcement in Portland cement when mixed with potable water produces a fast setting, low shrinkage repair product. Which is hand troweled in vertical and overhead repairs requiring high performance. On grade, above and below grade on concrete, WOL-COAT® 300 mortar may be applied on vertical and overhead surfaces. This mortar is typically used on manholes, large diameter sewer pipe, lift stations, tanks, and other high
performance concrete structures. WOL-COAT® 300 mortar is also used for structural repairs on parking structures, bridges, marine structures, tunnels and buildings.
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Wol-Coat 310 A high performance, versatile, two part, 100% solids, chemically cured, amine epoxy with excellent chemical, corrosion, moisture, stain and abrasion resistance. Lining manholes, large diameter sewer pipe, lift stations, tanks, and other concrete and steel structures. When applied by trained personnel over a properly prepared surface it produces a seamless, monolithic, and durable coating. Data Sheet
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Wol-Coat 366 A two-component, solvent-free, moisture insensitive epoxy system. Specifically designed for the protection and repair of sanitary manholes, wet wells, and valve vaults. Its Paste-like viscosity is recommended for horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces. Its Non-Sag consistency is applied from 20 mils to ½” per coat. WOL-COAT 366 has been formulated as a structural repair and resurfacing of concrete for the protection of the interior and the exterior of manholes, lift stations, and valve vaults against the damaging chemicals prevalent in water and sewer treatment environments. Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet


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