WOL-COAT is the right paint in the right place, at the right time.

It is with a great deal of pleasure that we present to you this newly revised catalog listing our current products. It is only fitting that we acknowledge, with gratitude those who have helped make this book possible. The excellent cooperation given to us by consulting engineers, architects, municipal officials, plant superintendents, maintenance foremen, painters, other paint and coatings manufacturers, manufacturers of equipment, and many others vitally concerned with the battle of corrosion as well as the appearance of the paint have aided us greatly. This is not a complete book: completeness suggests finality. Those of us in the maintenance of plants and facilities know our task is never completed: it is an on-going process of facility maintenance. Our research and our development staff are constantly striving to improve formulations and to use the latest new raw materials, as they become available.Most of our history has been spent specifying and distributing either Koppers or Keeler & Long /PPG specially produced chemical resistant coatings and paints to meet the needs of either the wastewater and water treatment industry or the power industry. We at WOL-COAT pledge to continue that excellent tradition. We, therefore, feel that it is the responsibility of our firm to summarize and explain the various types of coatings that are available and their proper use. We are constantly meeting with engineers and others by reviewing the completed specifications in order to insure that the latest and best materials are incorporated according to their specifications. The paint and coating industry is constantly changing, and we bring these changes to our customers when they are needed.

Once the specifications are written the process has only begun. If requested we will assist in the selection of an applicator, in project inspection, and in the review after the project is completed. This service is included in the purchase of the product. It provides assistance against difficulties arising as a result of utilizing unsuitable coatings for particular types of application, incompatibility, etc. In addition, our properly factory-trained field representatives stand ready to work closely with you.

This catalog was designed for you. We hope that you will use it, and find that it will save you time and effort.